Travel Alerts

Our Travel Alerts service lets you sign up to receive notifications about your chosen public transport services, operators, stops and stations.

You’ll receive an email or push notification whenever we are aware of important information that may affect your journey.

This could include details of service alterations, planned diversions or disruption.

Setting up your alerts:

To use Travel Alerts, simply register using the “My Account” link shown on the Journey Planner and Next Departures pages.

Once you’ve confirmed your email address and logged in, use the journey planner or search for departures as normal.

Once you’ve decided which journeys or stops you would like to receive Travel Alerts about, click or touch on the bell alarm icon - either at the bottom of a journey plan, or the button near the top of the page.

How to add alerts from journey plansImage of 'Add alert' button

Choose which stops, services or operators you wish to be notified about, and they will be added to your personal Travel Alerts list.

And that's it!

From now on, whenever Traveline Scotland is notified of important information that might affect your journey, you will be sent a Travel Alerts email. 

Managing your alerts:

To manage your alerts, please ensure you are logged in.

Then click on the down arrow next to the alarm bell icon on the button near the top of the page.

Image of 'Manage alerts' button

This will show you a list of your personal Travel Alerts.  On this screen you can suspend individual alerts temporarily, or delete them completely.

For more information, or to delete your account, please contact us.