Bulk Journey Planner

You can create personalised journey plans in bulk using the Traveline Scotland Bulk Journey Planner.

What does it do?

The Bulk Journey Planner uses the Traveline Scotland database of public transport journeys to create individual personal journey plans from any Scottish postcode to any other Scottish postcode.

The journey plans can include travel options by bus, rail, coach and ferry, or which ever of these modes of transport you want to choose.

The Bulk Journey Planner is a fully-automated, self-service system.

Request your journey plans using our dedicated website and then collect them electronically - or have them delivered automatically to the individuals in your organisation by e-mail.

You can even customise the journey plans to include your own logo.

Expert users may choose to obtain the journeys in XML format for use with specialist software.


What sorts of organisations use the Bulk Journey Planner?

Any organisation or business that requires a significant number of individuals to travel to and from its premises (including across multiple sites) will benefit from providing those individuals with personal public transport journey plans.

Examples include:

  • Employees - like shift workers, or those travelling to/from major office buildings,
  • Staff and support workers at hospitals,
  • Students and staff attending college or university,
  • Visitors to a one-off large scale event, such as a major conference
  • and more...

Businesses may want to include personalised travel planning in bulk as part of an existing company-wide travel plan.


What could Bulk Journey Planning achieve for my organisation?

By providing practical, tailored information for each employee, student or visitor, journey planning in bulk helps encourage modal shift amongst the travellers to and from your premises.

Modal shift away from the car and towards public transport results in a variety of positive benefits, including:

  • Reduced carbon emissions,
  • Less traffic congestion,
  • Less requirements for staff parking, 
  • Improved air quality, 
  • Possible health improvements for staff.


How does it work?

Using the Bulk Journey Planner is simple.

  1. A new user registers online here.
  2. The user downloads a CSV spreadsheet template and fills in all travellers details.
    This includes postcodes (or other location data), dates and times of travel etc.
  3. The user sends their file to the journey planning server using the secure upload facility.
  4. The user is notified by email when their journey plans are available to collect.
    You can choose PDFs in a ZIP file, or plans can be emailed directly to travellers in PDF.

Users can create up to 1,000 journey plans at any one time.


How much does it cost?

The Bulk Journey Planner is free to all end users.

You must agree to the Terms of Use when you register for the service.

Please note: this system is best accessed using a desktop browser.

Access the Bulk Journey Planner here