txt2travelineText your bus stop reference code to 84268 to recieve a text of the next few buses from your chosen stop

From July 2012, our SMS service has a new number!

Our txt2traveline service lets you obtain the next bus departures from any stop in Great Britain. From July 2012, users should now send their text messages to our new shortcode 84268.

The former txt2traveline number (which began 0777) is no longer in use due to changes in SMS regulations. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Remember to save our new 84268 number on your mobile!

More info on how to use txt2traveline is below:


How do I find the bus stop reference code?

Simply text an 8-digit bus stop reference code to the txt2traveline number 84268 and you will get back the departure times of the next few buses from your chosen stop. The service is automated and operates 24 hours-a-day, every day.

How do I find the bus stop reference code?

Bus stop reference codes are unique, so information received relates only to one specific bus stop. You might want to pick the stop nearest to your house, the stop you use to get to work or even the stop nearest your favourite pub/restaurant. All codes are 8 digit numbers. Codes are available in a variety of ways.

Via the Traveline Website

Our service: my bus stop times can be used to find bus stop codes easily by searching by location or by service.

At bus stops

In the SPT area and Dumfries & Galloway, bus stop reference codes are available on bus stops.


How to text txt2traveline

For next departures

Text the bus stop code, (eg 78423963) to 84268 to get the times of the next buses from your chosen stop.

How much will it cost me?

The message you send is charged at your normal network provider charge, or it will use one standard text if you have these as part of a bundle from your mobile network provider.

The returned message from txt2traveline costs 25p. (Please note that you may still be charged if you send an invalid or incorrect message).


How else can I get bus times on my mobile phone?

Try our free app!

Smartphone app logo

If you've got an iPhone, Android phone, Windows Phone or BlackBerry device you can download one of our FREE apps for comprehensive public transport info on-the-move.  Users also have access to the Traffic Scotland mobile service for motorway and trunk roads information.

..Or use nextbuses.mobi

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Any internet-enabled phone can access next bus departures for any UK bus stop on the NextBuses.mobi mobile website.


Please note: Normal data charges of your mobile operator apply when using our apps or mobile internet services. Speed and access to the service is subject to your network connection.