HelpFrequently Asked Questions

What is Traveline Scotland?

Traveline Scotland is a public/private partnership between transport operators, Local Authorities and Transport Scotland who contribute funds, information and expertise towards its day to day running.


Why is Traveline Scotland needed?

Traveline Scotland aims to provide accurate, up to date and impartial information to get you to your destination by the quickest public transport mode or by the mode/operator of your choice. 


How do I access Traveline Scotland's information?

Traveline Scotland's information is delivered via our call centre, our website and our mobile phone service.  The data will soon be delivered via mobile internet.


How do I contact Traveline Scotland?

Our contact details are included on the contact us page of our website. 


How often is the data refreshed?

The information is up to date and accurate.  We carry out weekly uploads to ensure timetable information is available in advance of when services start.  The information is provided for a three month look ahead period.